Why I want to learn English
The answer should be easy. English is auniversal language (global language in case we are not the only creature whocan speak.) The world has changed. We can no longer live alone in our countryanymore. If you want to learn the world you need to learn English....
Because I'm astudent , I would have to learn English for my own bright future or, at least,pass the exam
I love English andbe able to communicate with people from all the world to have a lot of friends.
English iseverything now days, and I need it at my university because the lecture areteaching us in English as well as I can get a good job with good salary.Furthermore, I want to learn English because I love it....
I learn Englishbecause It's a international language. And also we can use English and speakany body in any country. Thats why it has more weighted than other languages.Most refer books are in English. If we don't know English, we can't refer thosebooks. Therefore English language is Important and I learn too.
English is widelyspoken all over the world as a second language. Moreover, English Grammar isnot a complicated one.
I learning Englishbecause I like travel, I want to meet new people and I want to see differentculture.
I learn Englishbecause, it is helpful to speak in the international language, mostly when I amabroad, making life simpler.
I like to learnEnglish because English is my second language l need to be a well Englishspeaker because it is a international language.
I learn Englishbecause I want to travel a lot. I’ve already started to realize my dream and Iwill never stop. Now I work in Foreign Company and see many nationalities. Ourcommon language is English here. We enjoy this language because it helps us tocommunicate to each other. I want to do my best and improve my English.
Learning...it takesup a lot of time but the incentives may be pretty different. Do you questionyourself why you are learning English, maybe you aren’t in need of this knowledge?Or maybe you are really enthusiastic about it, aren’t you? So am I! Of courseit really useful in the modern world nowadays, but despite of the above said mygreat work force in learning is the strong senses of the inspiration and theinterest to the language, making the process of my education very speed andinteresting...I eager to have learnt English to discover the world beyond myown, outside the country and the city in which I live, out of culture which hascreated me as a person, out of myself, my views and visions, my feelings andperceptions, to open the worlds of other societies and nations with theirhabits and likings! And also I’d give the opportunities to other people fordiscovering the universe of mine taking people throughout my own world, throughcountry I’m living, through surroundings I’m feeling, through the amazingbeauty of this world. And following up this great idea I hone my Englishlanguage skills every day, because I aspire to know the language as if it hadbeen my native.
By the time I wasseventeen I didn't have a lot to do in my afternoons and no money wasavailable, that was when I decided to go to the library every day and study ashard as I could just to get home and be able to understand some new lyrics,games and movies, yes, that's what you're thinking I don't like the sound ofthe word "self-student" but I kind of learned English all by myself,nowaday I work with computers and this is just possible because I can easilycommunicate in English, what I'm saying is I learn English because I know thisis the only way I have to get whatever I want.
I learn Englishbecause it is a worldwide language, in which you can communicate with manypeople and learn new stuff.
I am learningEnglish because my English was not flute and I want to improve my career and toget new position so I will get more income, additional to that I can deal withother at my company or worldwide .
. It helps me to realize my dreams that lay in getting aknowledge meeting new people and talking to them in English.
I learn Englishbecause I want to be understood by everyone, everywhere, anytime and to see anew super fantastic world of colorful light.
With kind regards