Al Dar University College (ADUC), located in the Emirate of Dubai, was founded in 1994 as a private institution of higher education. In 2009, Al Dar University College was officially licensed by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and was authorized to award degrees and university-level qualifications. In 2001, the Diploma in Computer Studies was granted initial accreditation by the CAA. Subsequently, in 2003, the Diploma in Business Administration was accredited by the CAA. In 2010, the Associate Degree in Finance received initial accreditation and in 2011, the Associate Degree in Business Administration was granted full accreditation. In 2011, the Associate Degree in Computer Science also received initial accreditation. In 2013, the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and the Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology were granted accreditation by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Both programs were offered in Fall 2013 to incoming and continuing students.

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

The School of Business Administration (SBA) at ADUC caters to the need of multicultural workforce in the field of Business and Management. The school derives its inspiration from the ADUC Vision and Mission of providing competitive educational programs in the real-world settings, contributing to the knowledge society and sustainable development of UAE and the region.
The School of Business Administration offers degree courses at the Bachelor and Associate degree level and aspire to launch the Graduate level programs very soon. The School is well equipped with the state of the art facilities and infrastructure along with the qualified Faculty and Staff with comprehensive professional experience.
Bachelor Degree Program

Bachelor of Business Administration
Human Resource Management

Bachelor Degree in Information Technology

About School of Engineering and Information Technology (IT)

Currently School of Engineering and Information Technology offers Bachelor Degree in Information Technology (BIT) program (40 Courses / 120 Credit Hours). The Program is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Two proposed Engineering programs are on the pipeline and will be starting upon approval from CAA
Upon graduating, students will have a solid grounding in information technology, vital to the successful implementation of software solutions, information management and systems strategy in any organization. Students may find employment in business and government as analysts, business consultants, information systems officers/managers, project officers/ managers, or web design consultants.

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication

Welcome to the School of Mass Communication at Al Dar University College. The goal of our school is to integrate students in the new media era to perform as global communicators, and provide them with the best training and preparation for productive and responsible careers in mass communication. The school of Mass Communication offers programs of study inPublic Relations .
BA in Public Relations : students graduating with this degree are prepared to be: PR Practitioners in public and private sectors, Online Media Specialists in various kind of institutions and Social Marketing Practitioners.
يأتي اهتمام كلية الدار الجامعية ببرامج بكالوريوس الآداب في الاتصال الجماهيري، من الدور الفعال الذي يقوم به الإعلاميون وممارسو العلاقات العامة في المجتمعات الحديثة، في ظل عولمة التواصل على المستويين المجتمعي والحكومي.
تخصص العلاقات العامةPublic Relations : يلبي هذا التخصص حاجة القطاعين العام والخاص للإعلاميين الموهوبين الذين يحققون لمؤسساتهم تواصلا فعالا يجعلها رائدة وناجحة ومفيدة للمجتمع. فقد أصبحت ممارسة العلاقات العامة ضمن المكونات الرئيسة للمؤسسات الحديثة التي تسعى لتحقيق الحوكمة والاندماج في الأنظمة التواصلية الذكية التي تجذب الحكومات مثلما تجذب المؤسسات الربحية وغير الربحية.
إن دراسة العلاقات العامة في كلية الدار الجامعية تؤهل الطلبة لتحقيق التواصل الفعال داخل المؤسسات التي يلتحقون بها، وتمكنهم من بناء السمعة الحسنة وتشكيل الصورة الذهنية الإيجابية التي تسعى إليها المؤسسات الحديثة.

Department of General Education

Mission of the Department of GED

The mission of the Department of General Education is to provide students with a solid foundation of language, enhance their critical thinking growth and enrich their lives to qualify them to work in the diversified UAE Culture, values, environment and the world.
Objectives of the Department of GED

Department of GED objective is to establish and equip students to pursue their major by achieving the following core objectives:
Provide the students with the knowledge needed to pursue their majors
Expand the student’s understanding of self, environment and society

Enable the students to build a base of knowledge and skills that are needed for lifelong learning

Give the students the knowledge, skills and motivations needed to qualify them to take the ethical decisions based on an understanding of the societal value.

The Department of General Education is integral part of all schools at ADUC. The Department of GED supports and enables students to complete at least 27credit hours of the General Education Curriculum.
This credit hour load is equivalent to 9 courses of the total courses required for graduation

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