The ability to speak English well is one of the most important things that newcomers need to gain employment. Those with strong English skills will become employable much faster than those who have only basic English skills. There are some jobs where English skills are not as important, but they tend to be jobs that will not pay a very high wage. Written English skills are also very important to many employers.

Improving your English skills can take as long as two or more years. You want to get started as quickly as possible and take every opportunity you can to speak English to others.

Some ways to improve your English
Take an English as a Second Language (ESL) course.
Go to places where you can speak English. Join a club, a place of worship, a social organization or a conversation circle. Volunteer your time with a charity. Try to spend as much time as possible speaking English.
Watch television, listen to the radio and read the newspaper in English. The news is an especially good choice because you will also learn about your new community and your new country.
Ask friends and family members to help you if you use an improper word or phrase. Ask them to correct your pronunciation and grammar.