mom crying in bad why how

When you've fought with a friend, or lost a family member or pet, you're most likely really upset. Here's some simple tips on how to stop sobbing.

Lie down in a comfortable position in your bed. Turn off the overhead lights, and turn on a soothing, soft nightlight.
mom crying in bad
Take a deep breath in, extending your diaphragm (this may hurt if you've been crying for prolonged periods of time, because your muscles are tense, but the purpose of this is to completely relax) and slowly breathe out, even if it's shaky. Repeat.

Don't be afraid to cry with a friend or family member. They have probably gone through what you have just experienced.

Well it is harder seeing your parents be sad than your friends because no matter how much your friends mean to you, your family/parents will always mean more.And when you do see them sad, cheer them up by making something homemade for them or write them a card say how much you love them! Because when they are sad (and even when they are not) they will appreciate that so much and will love whatever you make :)

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