I’ve heard of ghosts and UFOs
And things that don’t make sense
And miracles and spooky stuff
That keep you in suspense.
But here’s tricky puzzle
Which defies all explanation
Where do the abandoned shoes come from
On the highways of our nation?
Do people who are driving cars
Just look down at their feet
And decide their shoes have had their day
And throw them on the street?
And, if that’s true, then why just one?
And is it left or right?
And what do they do with the other one
When they limp back home at night?
It doesn’t seem to matter
If it’s trainers, boots or shoes
There’s only one on every road
And never any clues.
Perhaps the cobbler’s little elves
Have made an extra load
And so they throw the spare ones out
To wither on the road?
Or perhaps one-legged drivers
Who travel near and far
Pick up the shoe they now don’t need

And toss it out the car?
Or maybe careless truckers
Who deliver shoes to stores
Drive over bumpy potholes
And the shoes bounce out the doors?
But I fear the case of the abandoned shoe
Will remain, to some extent,
Another of life’s great mysteries,
An unexplained event.