If yer’ looking for pirate fun and adventure Captain AJ Austin will have yer’ attention!
So sit back me hardy’s
Take a good look and listen for his tales will be of good interest to ya’
Captain AJ Austin, a Pirate I am!
This is my ship she’s a good pirate ship and gets me to far away lands!
So come aboard me scurvy swabs if yer’ looking for pirate adventure!
Were headed today to the Island of A
I hear they have a secret treasure.
So off they sailed into the ocean blue passing by the beautiful blue lagoon
Where they counted 1, 2, 3 and 4 magnificent mermaids headed for the seashore .
Then a turn for the worst a whale he burst out of the ocean blue.
Waves they came knockin’ the ship she was rockin’…..
Would this send them to Davey Jones locker?
Captain AJ spoke calmly to all of the crew “The adventure has just begun…
NO! Davey Jones Locker will just have to wait The Island of A has come!!”
A turn to the right and the waves they were over, the whale had gone back to the deep, deep ocean the Island of A was in our full view soon everyone would be singing the pirate tune!
Yoho yohoho pirates are the best! Yoho yohoho we will find your treasure chest! Yoho yohoho…..
They searched and searched all over the Island
Over and under, up and down, to the highest peaks and lowest sands
Captain AJ stopped to take a look around.
“We must search some more! A secret treasure they have and I am the greatest pirate around! The Island of A cannot beat me! Ask! Ask everyone you see!”
Over the bridge an Alligator appeared as he was making his way back to the river
Captain AJ not fearful, asked the Alligator who looked cheerful,
“Could you help me with my quest?”
The Alligator laughed, “ A quest? A quest? I have no time for such a request!”
Captain AJ looked flustered he spoke with respect “But if you please, I am looking for the secret treasure chest!”
“Secret treasure you say?” said the Alligator furious
“You cannot see what lies before you? Look around mighty Captain the treasure you seek is closer than you think!” and with that he wandered on home.
Captain AJ was worried his journey was ruined and all he had hoped for was lost!
Then out of the sky a loud buzz that gave a gleam to his eye.
Sliver and gold, big and bold? Could this be the treasure he was hoping for?
They followed it over to a field where it stopped the pilot had just stepped out.
Captain AJ asked “Could I ride this machine?” The pilot replied “Why yes!”
So they strapped themselves in and the pilot he said “Her name is Annie Airplane!
I love this ol’ girl she is a treasure to me flying high in the air over the open sea!

There is no better place for me to be!”
Flying so high Captain AJ looked down on the Island below, he saw that Alligator just getting home, He saw a large Apple field with Apples a plenty He saw his friends having there Afternoon snack and laughing and singing the pirate’s little diddy.
Yoho yohoho pirates are the best! Yoho yohoho we will find your treasure chest! Yoho yohoho…..
At that very moment he found the secret treasure just like the Alligator said “The treasure you seek is closer than you think!”
“Its here in my heart!” Captain AJ said.
“Its having some fun, its meeting new people and finding the some things that make life an adventure!!”
Like an ALLIGATOR or ANNIE AIRPLANE or APPLE FIELDS and especially AFTERNOON snacks with friends!
Treasures with gold and silver and jewels will only make you happy for a short time but having some friends and discovering new places and things will make you happy the rest of your life!
So join me for many more an adventure I’m sure we will have a good pirate time, there is plenty more islands for us to explore I’ll be waiting for the next pirate time!