One day on her farm,
Maggie May broke her arm,
when she flew from the roof
of the old, wooden barn.
The wings she had made
came unglued and she fell,
landing flat with a splat
just two feet from the well.
"I don't understand",
Maggie said to the Doc.
"I worked and I worked,
and I worked 'round the clock.
"I worked for two days
and I never did stop."
"I gathered the best
of the feathers we had,
"I guess of two things
I should really be glad,"
"One, from the plucking,
I didn't get pecked.
"And two, that my neck
wasn't broke when I wrecked."
"You're right", said the Doc,
"Could you be more behaved?
"It's the third time this week
your small life I have saved."

On monday she sailed
and she bailed in a crate,
'cross the swamps and she nearly
was crocodile bait.
That ole' croc gave a wink
as he nipped her big toe,
but he just got her nail
and Doc said it would grow.
On Wednesday she slid
down a mountain of rocks,
in a limp, flimsy sled,
made of brown cardboard box.
She rolled and she tumbled.
All thought she was dead.
But Maggie May just
had a bump on her head.

But this time was bad,
she had broken a bone.
Maggie May was so sad,
and she said with a moan,
"What will I do now,
that I'm laid up in bed?
"I guess all that's left
are the brains in my head."
"And I still have one arm,
and nine good working toes,
"My ears and my eyes,
and my keen smelling nose."
So she thought and she plotted.
She schemed, and she planned.
Of all of her plans,
this would be the most grand.
She wrote up a list
of the things that she needed.
Then with her parents,
she desperately pleaded.
"How can I get hurt?
I'm stuck here in this bed.
"It's just a few things."
Then Dad said, "Go ahead."
So she worked, and she worked,
and she worked 'round the clock.
She worked for two days
and she never did stop.
She glued and she sawed,
and she hammered and nailed.
She said, "Every time
I have tried, I have failed."

"But this time is different,
I know very soon,
"I'll be making new friends
that I meet on the moon."
Maggie May lit the fuse,
and her room went KA-BOOM!

Past the stars and the clouds,
Maggie flew in her room.
And soon she crash landed,
smack dab on the moon.

She met moon men named
Oompah and Blinko and Zimmo.
They drove around town
in a blue-moon stretch limo.

'Twas nothing but moon dust
and big dark moon craters.
No stores, and no playgrounds,
no movie theaters.
No creeks and no swamps.
and no toe-nipping crocs.
No farms and no barns
and no mountains of rocks.
But the worst thing of all...
there were no Blue Moon Docs!
They went back to her room,
Oompah dug through her things.
Blinko tried on her hats,
Zimmo tried on her rings.

They found all her toys
and on closer inspection,
they found and the ate

her entire bug collection!

They jumped on her bed,
and they swung from her curtain.
She loudly yelled, "Stop!"
And her head started hurtin'.
Her toe ached, her arm throbbed,
she started to cry.
There was simply no way
that this room would still fly.
"Don't cry," said Oompah,
"we'll help you get back,
"We'll patch up your roof,
and we'll glue that big crack."
So they worked, and they worked,
and they worked 'round the clock.
They worked for two days
and they never did stop.

When it was finished,
they all hugged good-bye,
And Maggie May blasted off
into the sky.

The Doc shook his head
and he said with a shout,
"You know someday Maggie,
you'll have to come out!"
She peeked from her room,
stuck on top of the barn,
and she said, "I'll be ready
as soon as my arm,
"Has healed, and the bump
on my head goes away,
"But I think for a while,
I should stay in and play."
"It was a bit far
to go out past the stars."
Then she thought to herself,
"Hmmm... how far is Mars?"