The Adventures of D J Dynamite
with Dale the Whale

Alice Donatelli
Illustrated by Jeannette Moore

It is a wonderful day today
the sun is shining bright
It is time to go on an
with D J Dynamite
D J loves the ocean
so he went to take a walk
he came upon a tiny crab
sitting on a rock
"hi my name is DJ"
"what's the matter little crab?"
"you look so tired and lonely"
"you look so weak and drab"
the tiny crab started crying
it was more than he could bear
he needed someone to help him
he needed someone to care
D J picked the crab up
and stroked him on the head
the tiny crab started talking
and this is what he said
I have a friend who is big and
his name is little Dale
but he's afraid of the water
which is a funny thing for a
he wants to be with his family
but all he does is cry
"I will help" said D J
"I will really give it a try"
D J walked by the water's
looking far and wide
there he saw the little whale
laying on his side
"hi my name is D J"
"what is the matter little
"I am afraid of the water"
cried the lonely little whale
"oh that's ok" said D J
"we both will see this
"I will go in the water"
"it you go in the water too"
D J ran in the water
it was to much for Dale to bare
he watched as the waves got
but D J wasn't there
little Dale jumped in the water
he swam with all his might

he had to find poor D J
before the dark of night
little Dale swam down to the
ocean floor
he was as sad as he could be
there he found poor D J
at the bottom of the sea
little dale scooped D J up
with his mighty tail
and tossed him on his sturdy
a clever trick for a whale
little Dale swam back to shore
people had gathered around
they took D J from little Dale
and laid him on the ground
D J started moving
the sun was getting hotter
it was then that D J noticed
little Dale was in the water
"you saved my life" said D J
"is there anything I can do?"
"you already did" said little
"you helped save my life too"
The End