Alice Donatelli

It was a cold October night, the wind was blowing wild.
Robby rabbit took his family to a place so meek and mild.

They came upon a frightful witch, and as they were sitting on a log.
She cast a spell upon them, and turned them into frogs.

Along came D J Dynamite, singing a happy song.
He came upon the frogs and said, "Hey there frogs what's wrong"?

"My name is Robby Rabbit. Winny Witch has cast a spell.
I know we look like frogs and it's hard for you to tell.

You have to get her potion and turn us back some how,
before she gets mean and cranky and turns us into cows."

D J ran to Winny's house, and knocked upon the door.
"Let me in" said D J, "Don't you cast a spell no more."

Winny started laughing, "Please come in my little boy.
If you don't be careful I will turn you into a toy."

D J grabbed the potion, but it fell and hit the floor.
He knew he broke the bottle and there wasn't anymore.

Winny started screaming, when she saw what he had done.
D J made her angry, and he knew he'd better run.

He made his way back to the frogs, and told them of his tale.
He only wanted to help his friends, but he knew that he had failed.

D J started crying. It was more then he could bear.
He had to think of something, to let them know that he still cared.

He thought for just a moment. It was as plain as the nose on his face.

LOVE could be the answer, so he ran back to their place.

He grabbed the frogs and kissed them, and said "I love you all".
The frogs changed back to rabbits. They were big instead of small.

They hugged and thanked poor D J. He has saved them from the witch.
They felt like a million dollars, because love had made them rich.

D J felt really happy. He knew he had saved the day.
He said good-bye to the rabbits and headed on his way.

Winny the Witch left the forest. She was madder then an old wet hen.
And all the rabbits were happy; they would never see her again.