Alice Donatelli

D J woke up one morning,
it was a lovely day,
'hey I know" said D J,
"I think I will go out to play."
he hurried to the door,
and opened it up real wide,
he saw a bunch of books,
laying down outside.
books were all around him,
and he almost tripped and fell,
he heard a munching sound,
what was going on pray tell.
D J picked up a book,
it felt sticky just like paste,
he heard a little voice cry out,
"hi! would you like a taste"?
D J opened up the book,
and took a peek inside,
there sat a little book worm,
D J opened his eyes up wide.
"hi my name is Willie"
D J almost dropped the book,
he thought that he was dreaming,
he had to take a second look.
"where did you come from" asked D J
"why are you sitting in here"?
"I eat books" said the book worm,
" but there's no need for you to fear"
"what about the children"
asked D J with a frown,
"if you eat all the books"
"there won't be anymore to go around"
willie thought for a moment,
"I know! I have a hunch"
"I will give up breakfast and dinner"
"I will just eat a book for lunch"
D J took the bookworm,
and put it in his hand,
he had to tell Willie something,

to make him understand.
"the children need these books" said DJ
"these books are valuable tools"
"because books teach the children"
"how to read in school".
Willie was unhappy,
he hung his head down low,
"don't be sad" said D J
"it's okay you didn't know"
"I am sorry" said the bookworm,
"I have learned my lesson today"
D J picked the books up,
and headed on his way.
so if you see a book someday,
laying on the ground,
look between the pages,
because Willie might be around.