The Bad Lion and the Wise Deer

Jem Lim

Once there lived a hungry, bad lion who ruled a far-away jungle.
He scared the animals in the forest and ordered them to bring him food everyday.
In return, he promised he would not kill any one of them and would keep all
animals safe from his fangs.
The smaller and helpless jungle animals had no choice but to agree.
One day, a young deer went to the lion’s den to give his offering.
The young deer brought the lion a huge meat enough for a feast.
The bad lion was still not satisfied that he craved for more.
The bad lion wanted to taste the deer’s meat and eat him whole.
The wise young deer thought of better ways to escape from the bad lion.
He said that on his way to the bad lion’s den, he met another mighty lion.

“Not far from here, I met a mighty lion and he claimed to be the King!
And this mighty lion said he wants to meet you my lord!” the deer said.
The furious bad lion said, “So do I! I want to know the impostor!”
The young deer took the bad lion to a river and said,
“Meet the mighty lion, my lord.”
The angry bad lion immediately jumped to the river attacking its reflection.
The bad lion didn’t know that the water was deep and got drowned.
The young deer ended the rule of the bad lion in the jungle.