Anne woke up at 6:00 am this morning because it was the first day of school. She went into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and she started to scream. Her little sister woke up and went to see what was wrong. Anne started to cry "It's the first day of school and my hair is a mess!"
Her little sister Emily shook her head,"Oh my gosh! Anne you woke me up for that. I'm going back to bed." Emily walked away slowly back to bed."
THANKS FOR THE HELP....NOT" Anne screamed to her sister. Anne was really sad about her hair but she couldn't do anything at least till she got out of the shower. She got in the shower. Getting the floor all wet she rapped a towel around her body.
She started to search through everything trying to find something to fix her hair. Finally she found some hair spray. She started to spray it was all over her big frizzy hair. It helped a little but not much so she went to pick out her clothes.She had no idea what to wear. It was either her new dress with little pink bows all over it or her favorite white but now brown t-shirt and ripped jeans since it was in style. She put on her t-shirt and jeans. Then she went to go find her backpack she found it under the couch with fuzz all over it "Gross" Anne said while picking the fuzz off of it.
After she was finally done with that she went to the kitchen to find something to eat. She got a glass then got out some milk and poured it into the glass. Then she made some chocolate poptarts and ate them. After she ate she went back into the bathroom. Scared to look in the mirror she started to brush her teeth. She turned on her radio and started to dance. Forgetting about the slippery floor she slipped in the puddle and hurt her head but trying to be brave she got back up and continued to brush her teeth.
She rinsed out her mouth and went back in the living room and got her coat she put on her backpack . She glanced at the clock it was 7:00. She hurried and walked outside to get on the bus. She waited and waited, but the bus never came. So she went inside to see what time it was. it was 8:00.
She should be at school right now she thought. she got scared she was running through the house screaming"MOM! MOM! THE BUS FORGOT ME!".
Her mom woke up and sat up. She started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Anne said with a strange look on her face.
"School doesn't start till tomorrow, silly" her mom chuckled.
Anne stood there a minute. "WHAT! I got up for nothing. I'm going back to bed. Anne walked back to her room and laid in her bed. " I have to do this all again tomorrow" She thought. Then she slowly fell back to sleep.