by Liz Ainsworth
Have you ever been to a camp where they had themes for each day? Sometimes it might be pajama day, backwards day, seventies day, or something like that. Well, three years ago my best friends and I went to a Girl Scout camp in Louisiana known as Camp Marydale. We were so excited! Kathy had brought tons of hair things so we could do our hair all crazy, Rachel brought a whole bunch of neat clothes, and I brought some music to spice things up a bit. We figured we were set. Then, when it came time to decide what themes to have for each day, no one could agree to anything. It was total chaos! The counselors finally decided to chose the themes themselves. Monday was green day, Tuesday was wacky hair day, Wednesday was red, white and blue day, Thursday was hippy day, and Friday was twin day. Okay, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday weren’t all that bad, but we thought that Monday and Thursday were pretty lame. After dinner that night, we all met in cabin number two and made a plan. We were going to do our own thing, so on each day we dressed as wildly and creatively as we could. The counselors were astounded. Never had they seen so many different girls. Some were seventies, some fifties, some with crazy hair, some with inside out and/or backwards clothes, and some were really creative and dressed normally, standing out of the crowd quite a bit. The counselors figured that we weren’t following the themes they had set, so they kept asking us what the day’s theme was. Whenever asked, we would simply say, “different day.”