Faligalis Faloore

I am Joe. I am going to tell you a story about a day I had not to long ago. I woke up and surprisingly found
myself alone, no one around.

It was raining outside and I knew,
It was going to be a day with nothing to do.

then all of the sudden Tap, Tap, Tap!
I opened up the door and there stood THAT!

I couldn't help but notice his seven tiny toes,
his six tiny fingers, and his one tiny nose
His two giant eyeballs, and one giant head,
and two giant arms that were as long as my bed

And he stuck out his hand as he came in the door
Hello there Joe, I am Faligalis Faloore!

And he stood there in front of me with a half way grin
His eyes on mine and his hand on his chin.

I come from a land, a land of no others
filled with feebles, fobbles, and flubbers

when most children see me they just run away
but all I want to do is Play, Play, Play!

so will you Joe? Joe will you play?
Come on Joe, What do you say?

although outside there is no sun
we can stay in and have Fun, fun, fun!

so what do you say, shall we give it a try?
Before I have to say goodbye?

And I looked at him as if here were a man

and answered him "Why yes we can?"

And we played and played until the day was done
and I have to admit I had so much fun.

I waved goodbye as he went on his way
and I hoped that tomorrow would be like today.

and as soon as my parents walked through the door
I told them all about Faligalis Faloore

they just smiled and patted my head
gave me my supper and then sent me to bed

although they did not believe me I don't blame them one bit
Just think about it, Do you believe it?