Gail McCloy

One bright day a cat was sitting on the front porch of its house. As it started to lick one furry paw, it noticed a ladybug just sitting there looking at him.
"Who are you?" the cat hissed. "What are you looking at? I could eat you right now!"
"Please don't eat me!" cried the ladybug. "My name is Cindy. I am lost. Can you help me find my way home?"
"Oh, all right." grumbled the cat. "Just this one time. My name is Tom. We'll start looking around the house next door and see if your family is there."
They went over to the house next door and started to look around the front porch. They did not see a single ladybug. All they heard was barking from the neighbor's dog.
"Come on." said Tom, nervously. "Lets check around the next house. Maybe you live there."
Cindy stopped, wrapping her little wings around her. "I am never going to see my family again." she said sadly.
"Come on, I don't have all day!" hissed the cat. The cat's yellow eyes glared at the ladybug.
Cindy lifted her little red and black body into the air and followed the cat.
In the next yard all that they found was a white cat sitting on it's front porch.
"Have you seen any ladybugs?" asked Tom. "This dumb ladybug can't find her way home." Tom pointed at Cindy.
"I am not dumb!" exclaimed Cindy as she landed right between Tom's eyes. Her little black wings flapping angrily. "Everyone gets lost sometimes."
"Well, I have not seen any ladybugs around here." said Snowball.
"Come on." Tom hissed again, "and get away from my face!"
Cindy followed.
In the next yard they searched until suddenly they saw several ladybugs in one corner of the wooden porch. They saw Tom and then they saw Cindy beside him.

"Mom?" Cindy called out.
One of the ladybugs rose into the air and flew toward Cindy. Two red and black bodies come together in a hug.
"You're home!" exclaimed Cindy's mother.
All the other ladybugs flew around them in excitement. Tom stood by watching this.
Cindy broke away from the crowd and came over to Tom. "Thank you. We are friends forever." she said.
All the other ladybugs joined in. "Friends to the end!" they shouted.
No one had ever wanted to be Tom's friend before. He felt so happy and excited.
They all took after Tom and went back to his front porch to enjoy the rest of the day.