Once upon a time, there was a lion. His name was Gulp. Gulp lives alone on top of Dead Mountain. One day, Gulp was so lonely he wanted to go to the town and meet new friends. But Gulp knows that people would get scared of him. People would get scared of his giant fangs, sharp claws, big paws and loud roar. So Gulp decided to wear a disguise.
He wrapped his body with silk cloth to hide his fur. He wore some glasses to hide his big, glaring eyes. He cut his long sharp nails. Gulp also pulled his two giant fangs.
Gulp was looking at himself in the mirror and he feels happy and contented. No one would surely recognize him as Gulp the Lion. He is ready to take his first trip to town.
So Gulp, hurriedly left his cave and went down the Dead Mountain.
On his way down, he saw two hungry lions. They were so hungry they can eat a horse. “Oh no, please don’t eat me, I’m also a lion, like you!” But because Gulp was wearing a disguise, the hungry lions didn’t recognize him. They ran after him and attacked him, ready to set feast over his flesh. Fortunately, Gulp was able to run so fast and reached his cave on time before the hungry lions had their first bite.
A few hours have gone by and Gulp was still decided to go to town. He went out for his second try. This time, he was so scared to meet some hungry lions on his way down that he didn’t wear any disguise at all.
Gulp was able to go down the mountain safely. But before Gulp could enter the town, village people are already aiming their arrows at him. Hunters and poachers are running after him. Townsmen are throwing stones to drive him away.
Gulp had no choice but to go back to Dead Mountain and he feels really sad. “I’m so useless. People will never like me. I’m all alone. I will die alone.”
On his way home, he saw one worm almost crushed by a stone which has fallen from high grounds. The worm pleaded and asked for Gulp’s help. With his powerful claws, he moved the rock without lifting a finger and save the poor worm from near death. The worm thanked him and said, “You’re my King!”

Then on his second stop, he saw a deer being savaged by hyenas. Gulp’s powerful body bumped and kicked the hyenas away. The deer thanked Gulp and said, “You’re my King!”
Gulp has almost reached his cave and we heard some loud noise down town. People were screaming, asking for help. He hurriedly ran towards the village and he saw some looters attacking the whole town stealing all the gold and riches they could get.
Gulp roared so loudly and angrily, the looters felt so scared. They were so scared they cannot even move. Then Gulp attacked the looters one by one and drove them all away. The whole town was so happy when the looters left.
The Leader of the Town thanked Gulp and said, “Thank you my friend. From now on, we promise to guard your safety from poachers or hunters and we promise never to harm you anymore.”
Gulp was so happy on his way home. He carries with him a lot of stories about his day’s adventure, together with his memories of new found friends down the Dead Mountain.