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    Millie and Billys Snuggle down Stories

    Millie and Billys Snuggle down Stories

    Tony Murrell

    I Wish

    Once upon a time there was a little girl called Millie and a little boy called Billy who was Millies younger brother. Millie and Billy shared the same bedroom and sometimes, when it was bedtime and they were snuggled up in bed, they would play a game that Millie had made up called I wish. They would take it in turns to start first.
    Tonight it was Billys turn. He said, I wish I had a tree house made of wood, high up in the tree at the end of the garden.
    How would you get to your tree house? Millie asked. Would you climb up the branches of the tree?
    I wouldnt need to, Billy said. There would be a rope ladder attached to the tree house and Id climb up that.
    Its my turn now and youve given me an idea, Millie said. I wish I could fly like a bird. Then Id fly up and see you in your tree house.
    That was a good wish, Billy said. Now its time for my next one.
    Whats that? Millie asked.
    I wish I had my own little car that I could drive up and down the garden path, Billy said.
    A toy car? Millie asked.
    No a real car but a little one, Billy replied. It would have a real little engine and everything.
    Do you know what I wish? Millie said, taking her next turn.
    What? Billy asked.
    I wish it would snow tomorrow, Millie said. Then we could have a snow fight with snowballs and make a snowman too and have loads of fun.
    Yes, agreed Billy. That would be great. I wish that too.
    Just then mummy came into the bedroom. Time to go to sleep, she said. Snuggle down under the covers, children. Its a cold night and snow is forecast for tomorrow. Say night-night.
    Night-night, mummy, Millie and Billy said, and then smiled to one another. It looked as if that last wish of theirs might come true. Thinking dreamily about the fun they were going to have if it was snowy the next day, Millie and Billy snuggled down and fell fast asleep.

    A wish comes true

    When Millie and Billy woke up the next morning and looked out of their bedroom window they could see that their wish had come true. Everything outside was covered in a blanket of snow.
    They couldnt wait to go out to play. When they did, mummy made sure they wrapped up warm in heavy coats, bobble hats, scarves, mittens, and thick socks inside their Wellington boots.
    Billy was the first one out in the garden. Millie followed soon after but as soon as she got out of the door she was hit by a snowball.
    Ill get you for that, Billy she giggled and before he knew it a snowball landed on top of his head.
    Right, Millie, you asked for it, Billy laughed, lobbing another snowball in her direction. They had a great snowball fight.
    Then they set to work and made a snowman. They made a big snowball for the snowmans body and a smaller one for his head.
    Mummy let Millie and Billy have one of daddys old hats to go on the snowmans head, an old scarf to go round his neck and a carrot to make his nose. She took them down to the garden shed where they found a box of sea ****ls and pebbles. They used these to make the eyes and mouth of the snowman and also his coat buttons. The snowman looked great.
    There had been something else in the shed, tucked in the corner, which had really taken Millie and Billys interest as well. It was a sledge.
    After lunch, mummy, Millie and Billy took the sledge out of the shed. They made their way through the gate at the side of the garden into the sloping field beyond. Mummy waited at the bottom of the slope as Millie and Billy pulled the sledge to its top. It was hard work pulling the sledge up the slope but it was worth it. They both sat on the sledge as it whizzed down. What a thrill!
    That night Millie and Billy were snuggled up in bed, having a sleepy chat. They agreed that waking up to find snow on the ground had been a wonderful wish come true and so had been the whole day It had been fantastic. Millie and Billy drifted off to sleep soon after that and they both dreamt lovely snowy dreams.

    A great idea

    Millie and Billy were playing with a ball in the garden when Millie suddenly stopped and said, Ive just had an idea.
    What is it? Billy asked.
    Why dont we ask mummy if she could put the tent up for us, Millie said. We could stay in it until tea time.
    But what about our lunch? Billy asked.
    We could have a picnic in the tent, Millie replied.
    What about our afternoon nap? Billy asked next.
    We could use the sleeping bags, Millie said. So, what do you think?
    I think its a great idea, Billy said.
    But, when they asked her, mummy was not so sure it was a great idea. I think its going to rain, she said, looking up at the grey clouds. But it wasnt raining yet.
    Oh please, mummy, Millie and Billy pleaded and, a little reluctantly, she agreed.
    Millie and Billy helped mummy to put up the tent and put the sleeping bags inside.
    They also helped her to make their picnic lunch. They prepared two lunchboxes, each containing a cheese sandwich, a piece of cake, a drink and an apple.
    Once Millie and Billy were out in the tent it started raining. But it didnt matter. They ate their lunch listening to the pitter patter of the rain on the outside of the tent. It was lovely.
    After lunch Millie and Billy both felt a bit sleepy. They took off their shoes, clambered into their sleeping bags and had a doze.
    It was still raining and mummy came out under the cover of an umbrella to see how Millie and Billy were getting on. She peeked into the tent to find them both snuggled up in their sleeping bags, snoozing happily. Millie and Billy had been right, mummy had to agree. It had been a great idea to put the tent up.

    Indoors fun

    It was the morning and Millie and Billy had finished their breakfast. They helped mummy to clear away the dishes and do the washing up.
    Can we go out to play now, they asked.
    Im afraid not, mummy said. The weather is terrible.
    Oh, please, they said.
    No, really, mummy said. Look out of the window and youll see what I mean.
    Millie and Billy looked out of the window and could immediately see what mummy meant. It was blowing a gale. The wind was howling and rain was pouring down from the sky.
    Its freezing cold outside as well, mummy said. So, theres no going out for you two today, Millie and Billy.
    What can we do instead? Billy asked.
    You can have indoors fun, mummy said. Both of you just use your imaginations. Think of things that would be fun to do indoors and do them.
    So, that is what they did.
    They started by doing some drawing and colouring in. Millie did a picture of an elephant and Billy did one of a hedgehog.
    Then they took a torch and looked all around the house to see if they could find a secret passageway. They couldnt find one but what they did find hidden away behind a cupboard in the spare room was a little toy dinosaur. It was dusty so they washed it and it came up as good as new.
    After that they made a camp in the living room by pulling some chairs together and draping them with a sheet. They took the dinosaur into the camp. What shall we call him? Billie asked.
    What about Billie-a-saurus Rex, Millie replied with a giggle.
    Later Millie and Billy played scary monsters. Millie put on the monster mask she had worn at Halloween and Billy wrapped himself in the same sheet they had used to make the camp and pretended to be a ghost.
    When it was bath time Millie and Billy played pretend again. This time they pretended to be fishes swimming around in a stream.
    We really did have lots of indoors fun today, didnt we, Billy said as he and Millie snuggled down in their beds that evening, the wind still howling outside their ********
    Thats right, Millie said. Its great to use your imagination, isnt it, Billy.
    Yes, he agreed, with a yawn.
    Night-night, Millie said. Sweet dreams.
    Sweet dreams, Billy replied sleepily and in no time he and Millie were both fast asleep, dreaming dreams of indoors fun.

    A special treat

    Millie and Billy had gone to stay with their grandparents for a week in the summer as a treat. They had already had one day with grandma and grandpa that had been packed with fun. When they hopped out of bed the next morning they were excited, wondering what this second day would have in store for them.
    We have got a special treat for you this sunny day, grandpa said over breakfast. We are off to the seaside.
    Millie and Billy were thrilled. They helped grandma and grandpa to make up a picnic and put their buckets and spades in grandpas car. Then they were off. Grandma sat in the front of the car with grandpa, who was driving, and Millie and Billy sat in the back.
    After they had been driving along for a while Millie and Billy began to play a game of I spy.
    I spy with my little eye something beginning with C, Millie said, looking out of the ********
    Car, Billy said.
    Yes, said Millie. Its your turn now.
    I spy with my little eye something beginning with L, Billy said, also looking out of the ********
    Lorry, Millie said.
    Thats right, said Billy. Now its your go.
    I spy with my little eye something beginning with R, Millie said. Heres a clue. Its what the car is driving on.
    Road, Billy said.
    Yes, said Millie. Now you have another go.
    I spy with my little eye something beginning with S Billy said. The clue is that its inside the car.
    Sock, Millie said, looking down at her feet.
    No, Billy said. But youre getting warm.
    Shoe, Millie said.
    Yes, said Billy.

    Millie took her next turn. I spy with my little eye something else that begins with S. This time its outside the car.
    Billy looked out of the ******** Sea! he cried. He had got it right, and soon afterwards they arrived at the seaside.
    Grandpa parked the car. He, grandma, Millie and Billy unpacked the picnic and the buckets and spades and they walked along the wide pavement that ran alongside the sandy beach.
    There was so much to see as they walked along the front. There were adults and children like them in their summer clothes, people on roller-skates, people propelling themselves along on scooters, and there was even someone on a motorised scooter.
    There were dogs with their owners, seagulls flying in the sky, an aeroplane off in the distance, and a helicopter hovering above them. There were lots of people on the beach. There were people paddling and swimming, a couple of boats in the sea and several people water skiing. It was a feast for the eyes.
    Grandma, grandpa, Millie and Billy found an empty bench along the front and stopped to have their picnic as they looked out at the sea. Then they went onto the beach where Millie and Billy built a super sandcastle with their buckets and spades before going for a paddle in the sea.
    When they came out of the water grandma said, I spy with my little eye something beginning with I.
    Millie and Billy looked in the same direction that grandma was looking and immediately spotted what she had spied. It was an ice cream van. Grandma gave Millie and Billy some money to buy themselves ice creams. Millie chose one with a chocolate bar in it and Billy chose one covered in small coloured sweets.
    Whats yours like? Billy asked.
    Its very nice, Millie said. You can try a bit if you like as long as I can have a bit of yours.
    Billy took a big bite of Millies ice-cream.
    You greedy pig! Millie exclaimed with a giggle, and made sure she had a big bite out of Billys ice-cream in return.
    All too soon Millie and Billys day trip to the seaside was over. Travelling back to grandma and grandpas house in the back of the car, Millie and Billy sang nursery rhymes. They sang Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo Peep, Incy Wincy Spider and Hey Diddle Diddle.
    Snuggled up in bed that night, Millie and Billy agreed that going to the seaside that day with grandma and grandpa had been an extra special treat. It had been so enjoyable that Billy was still excited even though he was now very tired.
    Millie calmed him down by singing him a lullaby she had made up just for him.
    It went, Go to sleep little brother Billy,
    Go to sleep, little brother of mine .
    Go to sleep, little brother Billy,
    Go to sleep lovely brother of mine.

    By the time that Millie had got to the last line of the lullaby Billy had fallen fast asleep. Millie soon followed him into the land of nod and she and Billy both dreamed lovely seaside dreams.

    Hidden treasure

    Millie and Billy had been having a lovely time staying with grandma and grandpa. But it was the last afternoon of their stay and they needed to pack to go home to mummy and daddy the next morning. They told grandpa what they were going to do.
    What? grandpa said. Dont you want to find the hidden treasure?
    Like pirates treasure? asked Billy, a look of excitement on his face.
    Thats right, grandpa said. Its hidden in a treasure chest somewhere in the house or the garden. Would you like to try and find it or would you prefer to pack?
    Wed like to find the treasure! cried Millie and Billy.
    Well, youll have to be quick, grandpa said. Its half past three now. You can only be allowed until four oclock to find the treasure and then youll have to give up. Grandpa added, The treasure hunt starts now.
    Millie and Billy raced off to try and find the hidden treasure. They started with the garden where they looked in the shed, under the apple tree and in and around the shrubs and flowerbeds. There was no sign of the treasure anywhere in the garden.
    They came indoors and looked downstairs first, searching behind curtains and underneath tables and chairs. But there was no sign of the treasure. They did the same upstairs, also looking under all the beds. They still had no success.
    I know, Millie said. Well try the attic. They got hold of a torch and climbed the ladder to the attic. Millie and Billy had a good look round in there but could find no sign of any treasure. They climbed down the ladder from the attic and made their way downstairs.
    Weve tried everywhere, Billy said in disappointment as they got to the foot of the stairs. I dont think were ever going to find the treasure.
    But just at that moment Millies sharp eyes caught sight of something ****l gleaming inside the partly open cupboard that was under the stairs.
    Millie and Billy scrambled into the cupboard and heaved out a chest. It was locked but when Billy went back into the cupboard he found a key. Billy tried it in the keyhole of the chest and it worked.
    Weve found it! Weve found it! Millie and Billy cried out.
    Grandpa appeared beside them. You found the hidden treasure just in time, he said, looking at his watch. Its almost four o clock. Phew!
    Millie and Billy rummaged through the contents of the chest where they found lots of old jewellery necklaces, broaches and bracelets; and a couple of old watches one for a lady and one for a man. They also found a little blue car and a little green one; and an old book about a rabbit, called The Adventures of Nibbles.
    Millie and Billy had a lovely play with the things they had found in the treasure chest. Millie tried on some of the jewellery and the ladys watch, which ticked when she wound it up. Billy put on the mans watch but when he tried to wind it up it didnt make a ticking sound. He played happily with the blue car and the green car. Then grandma sat down on the sofa with Millie and Billy and read them The Adventures of Nibbles.
    After that it really was time for Millie and Billy to pack so that they would be ready to go home the next morning. Grandpa said that as a prize for finding the hidden treasure they could choose two things each from the treasure chest to take home to keep and to show mummy and daddy.
    Billy couldnt decide between the blue car and the green car and in the end chose both of them. Millie chose the ladys watch and the story book, The Adventures of Nibbles, which grandma had read to them.
    Snuggled up in bed that night, Millie and Billy agreed that the treasure hunt had been great fun and the prizes they had won at the end of it had come as a wonderful surprise. It had been the perfect way to end their fun-filled stay with grandma and grandpa. They soon drifted off to sleep and dreamed of pirates and rabbits and cars and ticking watches and, of course, hidden treasure.


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