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الموضوع: transport in the UAE

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    Red face transport in the UAE

     لوسمحتو اريد باراجراف عن ترانس بورتاشن في الامارات
    والمواصلا المفضلة لي ارجوكو ضروري

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    transport in the UAE


    Before I start my report, I would like to describe the world transport in order to have brief information about it. Transport or transportation is the movement of people and goods from one place to another. The term is derived from the Latin Trans ("across") and portare ("to carry"). I am going to talk a bout transport in the UAE in past and present. I will discus about the transport in future also. As we know the transport in the past was depend on the ship of desert. You may ask your self, what is the ship of the desert? Read the report in order to know more about transport in the UAE

    Transport in past:


    The desert inhabitants of the UAE have used camels for over 4,000 years. Camel bones found at an archaeological site at Umm al-Nar, near Abu Dhabi, and dated to around 2,500 - 2,200 BC, may represent the earliest evidence anywhere in the world for domestication of the camel. The UAE's climate became more arid around this time, and the camel has provided a means of transport across the desert ever since. Able to survive for several days without water and to derive sustenance from sparse desert vegetation, and also capable of feats of great endurance, the camel rightly became known as the 'ship of the desert' permitting the UAE's Bedu nomads to move from place to place in search of food and water. Without the camel, the hard, nomadic life of the Bedu would not have been possible. Camel was the most type transportation used

    Other types of transportation:

    Also, they used donkey as a way of transportation and carrying their goods. The men who traveled from place to place let his wife to ride the camel or donkey. It took a long time to travel from one place to other. For example, they need 3 to 7 days to go from Al Ain to Abu Dhabi. Moreover, their where no cover to protect them from the sun heat even if there were some persons built a box to protect their families. As you can see, it was too hard to move from place to other. Rich people were using a horse for traveling. But we know that horse could not sustain desert heat. Also it could not walk on the sandy place like the camel. So, as I mentioned, camel was the best way for transport from place to other.


    In the past, some people were working in commerce. They were traveling to Hind to get some goods. How can they go their? They used to build their own boat and use it for traveling over the see. But these boats did not have a machine which makes it fast. it took many months in order to go and come back. Also they used those boats for traveling through the sea to get a fish and pearls. But as I mentioned, it took a long time. Moreover, these boats do not have a safety. So if they faced a strong wind, the boat may crash and many people may die. There were a lot of difficulties they face. For example, they did not have a compass, so they may lost their way. They were depending in the starts to apartness their way. So if the weather was cloudy on some days, they should wait until the sky became cloudless to see the stars. It was really very difficult, because they left their families for a long time. It might take months or years to come back.

    So, could you imagine how difficult was for transporting from place to other?? Especially transporting on summer, or even transporting in winter. As we know, UAE is a desert. So, the weather is changed too much from the morning to night. At 12 o'clock for example the temperature may reach 45 degree, and it goes down to half of this degree at night. So it may cause a lot of disease such headache. Could you use a camel or other past transport for travel from place to other? I know it is impossible. Would you like to know about the present transport? Continue reading. You will get much information about UAE transport.


    I was thinking how our grandfathers were transport from place to other. It was too hard. Now a day there are many types of transport. Each one of them makes you comfort more than other. I will talk about many types in my report.

    Now a day it is too different from the past. Every one can see that. When His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan becomes a president of UAE he tried to achieve his vision. He would like his people to live comfort. So, he was searching for every thing to achieve his vision. The first thing was thinking about a way to communicate with others in simple way. UAE is rich with oil, so he ordered a car from foreign countries to use it in transportation. Then, people try to use this type of transport mechanism. So, car was the first type of modern transport. After that, a lot of transports ways have been found. We will describe each one of them in detail.

    Transport in present:


    Let's start with car. Car is the most available one. Each emirates person has his own car. He can transfer from place to place in safety way. Also, it is provided with comfortable mechanisms such as a cover to protect him from the heat. Also it is provided with an air condition to give him a cold air in this heat weather. Also, it takes a few times to transport from place to other. There are a lot of cars companies in UAE such as Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan and there are more. Each person can buy one for him self. You should have a license in order to have your own car. Now a day, you can find many women also drive a car. UAE allow every **** who is over 18 years old to get a license. But he should get it after he makes a train. I like the car because you can feel freely to do what ever you want. I forget to mention that UAE build a flat way to make the driver more comfortable and for the safety. Also, every where you can find a light on the street to make the road more visible and avoid the car accident.

    The second transport type is the bus. A bus is a large road vehicle designed to carry numerous passengers. If you do not have your own car you can use a bus to travel. It is cheap and available on a large scale. The bus is supplied with an air condition and a place to put your bags. The benefit of bus that you can meets many people from different countries. Also, it increases the country economy. Buses are provided by the country not buy the person. That why it increases the economy.

    The other transport type available in the UAE is Taxi. The taxi is a very reasonable and easily available mode of transport. If you like to be individual not with other people, so the best way is to take a taxi. It is cheap also, but not cheaper than the bus. It takes only half DH for one kilometer. Taxi can be owned by a person who get a driver and this driver give him money each months. They can be flagged down on the street, pre-booked by telephone or picked up outside your hotel. Taxi drivers are usually familiar with the main souqs, shopping centres, hotels and major landmarks. Also, you can find the taxi near to your house. Because they drive around until they find some persons need a taxi.

    Motorcycles are very rarely used, as it is very dangerous to ride a motorcycle here in the UAE. Motorcycles are mainly used by carrier services, as motorcycles have no problems getting through traffic jams to insure fast delivery. Individuals who can't afford a car also use motorcycles, as motorcycles can cost as low as Dhs. 3,000.

    All what I was talking about were about transferring at the ground.
    But, if we want to travel from UAE to other countries, what should we do if there is a break of water between us?

    Do not worry; there are a lot of ships to take you from your place to other countries. Ships are huge enough to carry more than what you imagine. Also, it is not too expensive. In UAE there are around 11 ports. You can choose one of them to transport. There are different type's ships. There are some for carrying goods and other for carrying passengers. Also there are types for carrying oil bottles. There are many types of ships and watercraft such as Bulk carriers, Container ships, Tankers and there are more. But I will explain which I had mentioned.

    Bulk carriers are cargo ships used to transport bulk cargo items such as ore or food staples (rice, grain, etc.) and similar cargo. It can be recognized by the large box-like hatches on its deck, designed to slide outboard for loading. A bulk carrier could be either dry or wet. Most lakes are too small to accommodate bulk ships.

    Container ships are cargo ships that carry their entire load in truck-size containers, in a technique called containerization. They form a common means of commercial intermodal freight transport. Informally known as "box boats," they carry the majority of the world's dry cargo. Most container ships are propelled by diesel engines, and have crews of between 20 and 40 people. They generally have a large accommodation block at the stern, directly above the engine room.

    Tankers are cargo ships for the transport of fluids, such as crude oil, petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas and chemicals, also vegetable oils, wine and other food - the tanker sector comprises one third of the world tonnage.
    Water Taxi:

    One of the nicest things to do in Dubai is to take a motorized water taxi or abra across the Creek. The main abra dock on the Deira side of the Creek is at the intersection of Al Sabkha and Bani Yas Roads. Bur Dubai dock is located at the end of the souq, near the waterfront houses. Abras depart when full, which doesn’t take long. Just hop on and the driver will take the fare of Dh1 as you cross.

    You can also hire a private abra for a cruise along the creek. This will cost you approximately Dh35–Dh50 for 30 minutes.

    Now, let us move to the air. Yes the Air. Do you imagine flying on the air?
    You can do it buy get a ticket from an air port which is available every where in UAE. Traveling by plane is the fastest way in traveling. The longest time it takes maybe 14 hours. For example, if you travel from UAE to UK you will spend 7 hours. Could you believe that? In one day you could be in two different countries. This was a dream in the past, but now it is true. In the plane there are many services. Depend on where you set. For example if you travel on the first class you will be treat as a king. The second class is the business class which is not more different than the first class. Also there is the economic class. It is not as the other I had mentioned in the services. But it is also can be used to reach other countries. In UAE there are many companies for air line. In my opinion the best one is Emirates air line. You can see the latest movies which are shown in the cinema on the plane. Moreover, there are more and more. If you want to know about it, do not forget to travel in Emirates air line.

    Transport In future:


    In the near future, their will be a metro in Dubai. In the past it was impossible to have a train in UAE because of the ground. It could not sustain the train. Also the UAE ground is sandy. So, it was a dream to have a train. But now it become true, the train will start in March 2010. Do you know what the magnificent thing about this train is? It will be driverless. I mean it is without driver. Another high point of Dubai metro is that it is being designed in a manner to complement the other modes of transport e.g. buses, taxis and the Abra. This ‘transport integration’ aims to “incorporate strategic bus/boat feeder points with flexible and user-friendly metro interchange stations”.


    You can know now the difference between the past and the present and imagine about the future. UAE is growing too fast. In the last 35 years, UAE started with camel then it transfers to cars, ships and planes. Now they are building a metro which will end in the near future.

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