"Only a few inches"

An American tourist was visiting a small village in Ireland when there was a sudden gust of wind, blowing his hat off into the middle of a nearby pond.
The American tourist rushed over to the pond and asked a local, who was sitting beside the pond, "How deep is this here pond?"
"Only a few inches," replied the local.
So, the tourist removed his shoes and rolled up his trousers over his knees, then stepped into the pond to retrieve his hat. Within a few seconds, he was completely submerged in the water so he began swimming. He soon retrieved his hat, then struggled back to the pond's edge.

Once he had finally pulled himself back onto dry land, he turned to the local and screamed, "Hey, pal, I thought you said the pond was only a few inches deep!"
"Well," shrugged the local, "the water only comes half way up that duck over there."