A house in one village

A newly married couple rented a house from a priest in a village. When they shifted in, to their surprise, they found no sign of a WC (toilet). So they wrote to the priest enquiring the whereabout of the WC. On receiving the letter, the priest, being ignorant of the term WC, thought it to be Wealey Church. Imagine the couple's surprise when they received the following reply from the priest:

Dear Sir & Madam,
This is to inform you that the nearest WC is 7 miles from your place. Every Sunday, many people go there. Some go there by train, others by bus, while the rest walked, just to reach there in time. The last time my wife went there was 10 years ago. I myself never go, preferring to conduct my little service in the open field with people around me. That WC can accommodate 100 people and the Committee has decided to make cushion seats for the comfort of the people. The children assemble themselves and sing throughout the session. You need to be there early, otherwise you may have to stand during the service.