Its health benefits

Allah says in the Holy Qur'an [O you who believe! Fasting is also prescribed for those before you, that you may guard (Cow 183) and says Almighty [and that fast is better for you if you know (Cow 184)
Is modern science discovered the secret of the verse [and that fast is better for you]??? The modern medicine is no longer considered fast just a process of voluntary permissible for a person exercising or omissions, it is after scientific studies and research into the human body and its functions physiologically proven that fasting is a natural phenomenon must the body be exercised so that it can perform its vital functions efficiently, and it is very essential for human health just like eating and breathing, movement and sleep, as human suffering, but get sick if deprived of sleep or food for long periods, it also must get hurt in his body if it refrained from fasting.
In the hadeeth narrated by women for my father in front of him, "I said: O Messenger of Mrni work benefit me by God, he said: You should fast it does not like him" and said peace be upon him as narrated by Tabarani "Fast when you wake up" and the reason for the importance of fasting for the body is that it helped him to carry out demolition rid them of old cells and the cells in excess of the needs, and the system of fasting followed in Islam - which includes at least fourteen hours of hunger and thirst, and then a few hours Breakfast - is the ideal system to activate the processes of demolition and construction, and this is the opposite of what was perceived by the people of that fasting leads to wasting and weakness, the condition that the fasting will be a reasonable rate as it is in Islam, where Muslims fast for a full month in the year and enact them, then fasting for three days in each month as stated in the Sunnah of the Prophet peace be upon him as narrated by Imam Ahmad and Women for Abu Dharr, may Allah be pleased with him: "Whoever fasts of the month it three days fasting for a lifetime, to believe God revealed in his book [But whosoever has ten like, today, ten days."
Says, "Tom Burns" from the Columbia School of Journalism:
"I consider fasting experience a deep spiritual rather than physical, although I started fasting to rid my body of excess weight, but I realized that fasting is very useful for the alertness of mind, it helps to see more clearly, as well as to develop new ideas and focus feelings, no sooner had spend several days of fasting in the resort of "Bowling" health until I felt I was a huge spiritual experience Highness "
"The silence of the now many times, for periods ranging from one day to six days, and was motivated initially by a desire to cleanse my body from the effects of food, but I am fast now a desire to purge myself of all that hung out over my life, and especially after that floated around the world for several months, and I saw the terrible injustice which many lives of people, I feel that I am responsible in one way or another what happens to these people and so I'm fast to atone for this "
"I am when I fast disappearing Shawki entirely to food, and feel my body is very comfortable, and I feel Banasrav self for freaks and negative emotions Kal_husd, jealousy and love of domination, as you leave myself about things that were suspended by such as fear, confusion and feeling bored. All of this I can not find an impact with fasting, I am I feel a great affinity with other people during fasting, and perhaps what I said was the reason why the Muslims and as I saw them in Turkey, Syria and Jerusalem celebrating Besaamanm for a month in the year to celebrate an attractive spiritual did not find a parallel in any other place in the world. "
Prevention of tumor

The fasting serves as a scalpel the surgeon who removes damaged cells and weak of body, hunger imposed fasting on human drives the internal organs of the body to consume the cells vulnerable to cope with the hunger, Opening of the body a golden opportunity to recover through its vitality and activity, as it consumes also members of the patient and renew the cells, as well as fasting will be protection for the body of many harmful increases such as kidney stone and limestone deposits and polyps and cysts, as well as tumors in the beginning of their formation.

Protects against diabetes

Really is the best opportunity to reduce the proportion of sugar in the blood to lower their rates, and therefore the fasting gives the pancreas a wonderful opportunity to rest, Valpennekraas secretes insulin, which converts sugar to carbohydrates and fat stored in the tissues, if increased food for the amount of insulin secreting the pancreas gets tired and fatigue , and finally unable to do his job, Fitrakm sugar in the blood and increase gradually until the rates of diabetes. Have been established role for treatment in various parts of the world for the treatment of diabetes by following a fasting period of more than ten hours and less than twenty, each according to his condition, and then deals with the patient and snacks too, and for a period of not less than one consecutive three weeks. The results of this method was impressive in the treatment of patients with diabetes and without chemical drugs.

Doctor LOSS

It is no exaggeration, I appreciate a doctor LOSS and Er_khashm at all, the fasting inevitably leads to weight loss, provided that it is accompanied by moderation in the amount of food at breakfast time, and not Atkhm human stomach with food and drink after the fast, he was the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him start his breakfast with a number of Altmrat not non-or little water and then to pray, and this sacrifice is the best guidance for those who fasted from food and drink for hours, Valskr in dates one feels satiety because it is rapidly absorbed into the blood, and at the same time gives the body the energy necessary to engage in normal activity.
But if started your food after hunger by eating meat, vegetables, bread, these materials take a long time to be digested and becomes part of it into sugar feels his fullness, and at this time continue to rights in filling his stomach stretched Tohma him because he is still hungry, and lose fast here his property amazing to bring health and wellness and fitness, but it becomes a disaster for human terms increases with obesity and obesity, and this is not what God wants for His slaves, of course, legislation and ordered him to worship fasting.
[Month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Quran, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs of guidance and the Criterion, you saw it then let him fast the month, and whoever is ill or on a journey to several of the other days, and God wants you ease and does not want hardship for you] (Al-Baqarah 185)


The fasting is useful in the treatment of skin diseases, and the reason for this is that it reduces the percentage of water in the blood reduced, the amount in the skin, which works to:
- Increase skin immunity and resistance to microbes and microbial infectious diseases
- Reduce the severity of skin diseases that are spread over a large area in the body such as psoriasis.
- Alleviate allergic diseases and reduce the problems of oily skin.
- Fasting reduces secretions in the intestines of toxins and reduces the fermentation, which can lead to ulcers continuing.
Says Ms. "inspiration Hussein," a housewife Egyptian:
"When I was ten years old I was the situation of severe psoriasis, a disease that appears in the form of red patches covered with a layer nuts, I did not have any hope of her days of healing, after it said the number of the most famous dermatologists in Egypt to parents: You must Taataudoa on this and that Taataaichoa daughter and co-exist with psoriasis, they are heavy and long-guest residence "
"By the second decade of my life, and Bagturabi of marriageable age, the suffering from depression and isolation from society, and tightness in the chest is intolerable, and suggested recently a friend of my father religious fasting, and said to me: Try my daughter to fast days and Taftra days, the treated fasting diseases when my wife did not know the doctors have a cure, but should note that healing is God and that all of the reasons for his healing, Vasalah first recovery from your illness and then my fast after that. "
"And actually began to fast, I was looking for any hope for me out of hell that surrounds me, and I used over time for breakfast on the vegetables and fruit only, and then three hours after eating and meals basic and fast the next day and so on. And the surprise was all over the world all that the disease began to decline after began two months of fasting. I could not believe myself and I look normal and I see the impact of the disease is fading day by day, even if I were in the end did not hurt my skin disease that never in my life "

Prevention of disease of kings

He named disease "gout" which results in an increase in nutrition and a lot of eating meat, and with him are impaired in the representation of proteins available in meat, "especially the red" in the body, resulting in increased deposition of uric acid in the joints especially detailed finger large feet, and when the injury detailed gout and swollen, it is accompanied by Fry severe pain, and may increase the amount of salts in the blood and urine are deposited in the kidneys causing kidney stone, and decrease the amount of food a major treatment for this disease Cdedallanchar.

Stroke, heart and brain

Stressed by many professors of scientific and medical research - mostly non-Muslim - that the fast because it reduces the fat in the body, it therefore leads to a lack of substance "cholesterol" in it, and knows "Maalchollstrul"? It is the material deposited on the wall of the arteries, and increase their rates with the increase in body fat leads to hardening of the arteries and cause blood clots in the arteries of the heart and brain.
No surprise then when we listen to the words of God Almighty, [and that fast is better for you if you know] how many thousands of people earned them their appetite Almtothbh always food and drink without the knowledge and not the will, if they follow the curriculum of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed not to over-eating and drinking, fast three days of each month for their pain and knew the end of their illnesses, and their bodies Tkhvvt of tens of kilograms.

Joint pain

Joint pain disease is exacerbated with the passage of time, causes it to bulge parts infected, and is accompanied by swelling pain, and exposed hands and feet for deformities are many, and that the disease could affect humans in any stage of life, but it affects the particular phase of between thirty and fifty, and the real problem is that modern medicine did not find a cure for this disease so far, however, proved scientific experiments in the land of Russia that it can be to fast to be treated crucial to the disease, has attributed this to the fast rids the body completely of waste and toxic materials, and so fast sequential period of not less than three weeks, and in the this case, the bacteria that cause this disease are part of what the body get rid of it during the fast, has conducted tests on a group of patients and the results proved stunning.
"The Solomon Rogers" from New York:
"I was injured three years ago, the situation of severe arthritis, and with that he is a chronic inflammation, but it was enough for my disability for a long walk, running, and I could not sit more than half an hour without feeling in my legs Ptibs complete."
"I have tried therapy in different ways ended in the whole a failure, and she wants the will of God to get to know a friend NEGRO introduced me through the mosque and invited me to Islam, and we were her days of Ramadan, very impressed with the idea of ​​fasting itself, but I lingered in the decision transformative of Islam, despite my conviction that the closest to my heart , including its content of high principles and just refuses to persecution and discrimination, two of the most serious problems we experience daily in our lives in New York. "
"I started fasting before they became Muslim, and I count on eating fresh vegetables heavy vegetation, fruits, dates only in the breakfast time, I do not eat after that only main meal at the fast, and now I can be carried out, thank God, very quickly, and did all the pains after a long suffering, and it was the only way that I found suitable as thanks to God for His grace I have to enter Islam after fully convinced. "
He concludes, "Solomon" by saying:
"The fast has a very great credit, and if you see how I keep holy month of Ramadan every year, you said to this boy and optimistic joy and not a man infect the forty-fifth."