Scent of mothers

Perfume mothers in Mother's Day Susan bedroom woke up from the joy of happy, "Today is Mother's Day, has waited this Aleomtaiwila, Susan washed face and dressed quickly, then took the money collected in the last few days in preparation for this precious occasion to be able to purchase a beautiful gift because it is beloved in Kma today Orient. Or was preoccupied with arranging Susan House, Susan was she loved to make her mother happy holiday surprise, graduated from the house without, and tell her mother went to replace the gifts near the house, and the way she met a friend Susan Rabab, followed by that of their destination, they tell you that they are going to Sawsan Gifts near the place to buy a gift for her mother occasions Mother's Day. Rabab considered it strange and Kallha: Why do not go to Alsag there are many shops, many of the gifts that you can choose an appropriate gift from them. Susan was impressed by the idea and decided to carry out and actually took a road leading to a market without, contemplating the consequences of the supplier, they know the road well j not go to the market not previously accompanied her mother. Susan reached with difficulty to the market and began roam the city streets, shops and inspecting the gifts before tribunals, forms and compare eighths of them with their money, and finally settled the matter in place of Perfume, Susan bought a bottle of perfume and paper covers what is beautiful and the campaign returned to the house is almost fly out of joy, but it will not Deconstructs the road leading to the house and started to roam the streets trying to remember the way the road to no avail, and realized the mistake and that he had a, the mother, who are the biggest draw, and began to think her mother and poor sense when you're looking for is found in the home, and suddenly erased Susan police officer stands Hand on the street, Susan went speeding him and told him what had happened with them, and how I came out of the house and lost its way, the policeman put his hand gently on the head and Sawsan a request, do not worry and told her that he had watched Varman looking for her child at the police station before more than an hour. Susan shouted: My mother must be poor, escorted Susan Shatrah to the police station and almost falling status until I saw her mother, Susan sat on the seat, has developed her head between it and by displaying signs of grief, Susan ran towards her mother dropped in the same Her arms and tears falling from her eyes, took Mother Susan accepted the head, considered the mother Susan said: Mahiou, Mom what caused you to play in, away from the pain and sorrow, not be afraid, but I mean you just want buy a gift worthy of you. Susan presented a bottle of perfume for her mother and she said it: Every year, you okay, Mom, Susan has embraced the mother again and invited them happy and Felicities and longevity. Susan said: learn, Mom ..? The Cmmt Most fragrances I can not find or aromatic smell nicer than the smell aromatic, Mom, I felt I had flooded a nursery in my head that I Achtm beautiful smell in the universe and the most beautiful and wonderful fragrance over the impact of tribal and committees