Please buy the chicken

Once, Eddie's mother tell him to bring the chicken with him to town to sell it because thay need money. he arrived in town and ask a young woman if she wants to buy. She said:

-i will buy, but my money is at home. would you come home with me. i don't bring money today.

The boy said yes, they arrived at her house. she is getting money. There are knocks on the doors

-hide, he is my husband, he is very crazy, he will kill you.

So the boy hide in her wardrobe. But it wasn't her husband, it's her boyfriend. they have a few kiss, but there are knocks again. it's her husband now. so he hide in the same wardrobe as the boy. they have a little chat.

-can you buy the chicken?

-why do i need one?

-buy or i will call out loud

-ok here, $10. take it and shut up

5 seconds later.

-give me back the chicken


-give back or i will yell


-please buy the chicken. if not i will yell


and at the end of the day, he go back with the chicken.

-here mum, $200, and the chicken, and the rest for me.

his father arrived home. Eddie looks at him in surprise. then for a moment, he had an idea.

-dad, please buy the chicken.

- listen, you still owe me $200 in the wardrobe.

-please buy the chicken or i will tell mum.