The circle

There was this blonde who had the awsomest convertible. It was a brand new Porche and it was her first time driving it. She was on the highway and as she was driving along she accidentally cut off this truck driver. He got really pissed off so he signaled for her to pull over to the side of the road! She pulled over and they both got out of their vehicles. He brings with him a peice of chalk and he draws a circle on the ground. He says to her, "Stand in this circle, and whatever you do, don't step out of it!" So she stands in the circle and he goes into her brand new car and starts slashing the seats and ripping everything up. The blonde giggles and is soon laughing. The truck driver says, "So you think that's funny?" He goes into his truck and comes back with a baseball bat. He breaks all of her windows and smashes everything. The blonde's just laughing her head off. The truck driver says, "So you think that's funny?" And he goes into his truck and gets some gasoline. He pours it all over the car and starts it on fire. The blonde is ready to fall to the ground laughing! The truck driver is beginning to wonder and worry now so he asks, "Well, what's so funny?" And the blonde replies, "Well, everytime you weren't looking, I stepped out of the circle!"