Checking up

A boy walked into a drug store and asked permission to use the telephone. Then the following conversation took place:
"Is that you, Mr Jones?"
"Yes," seemed to be the answer.
"Well, Mr Jones, I saw your advertisement in the morning paper the other day, and you wanted a boy. Did you get one?"
"Yes," seemed to be the answer again.
"Well, Mr Jones, are you satisfied with him?"
The answer appeared still to be affirmative.

"Well, Mr Jones, if you are not satisfied, please call me at Main 54."
The boy turned and wanted to go out, when the druggist, who had overheard, remarked, "You probably wanted to get the job, didn't you?"
"Oh, no, sir," answered the boy, "I'm the boy, who is already working down there. I just wanted to know whether they are satisfied with me."