There is no doubt about it

A poor man had a parrot which could only say the words "There is no doubt about it!" Its name was Poll, and all day long it called out, "There's no doubt about it!" To every question Poll always gave the same reply.

One day its master went to the market to sell it. "Who will buy my parrot?" he cried. "Twenty pounds for my parrot!"

A man, hearing the high price that was asked, turned to the parrot and said; "Poll, are you worth twenty pounds?"

"There's no doubt about it!" was Poll's reply.

The man was so pleased with this answer that he bought the bird and carried it home.

Some time later, he was sorry for his bargain. Standing beside the parrot's cage, he said: "What a fool I was to throw away so much money!"

"There's no doubt about it!" cried the bird.